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August 28 - 29


About the event

QuantumHack is one of Nepal’s largest student-run university hackathons. Our mission is to organize a hackathon to allow a large group of innovators to collaborate and solve real world problems in a relatively short time. It will address the need of bringing industries and innovators together to collaborate for mutual benefit.


Disaster Management and Preparedness

Theme - 1

The COVID 19 crisis has exposed major weaknesses in our preparedness against sudden disasters and crisis.Improper preparation against such disasters have caused needless deaths and destruction. Proper preparation and management of such frequently occurring disasters can save lives and prevent extreme spending in containment and relief. This is why we have selected ‘Disaster Management and Preparedness’ as one of the themes for QuantumHack.


Theme - 2

In this increasingly competitive world, access to modern financial services is essential to every individual and business. Also, modern businesses need to go online in order to reach a greater customer base and sustain in this competitive market. FinTech has been able to democratize financial services to a certain level and prevent fraud against unaware individuals and businesses. Expansion of FinTech is essential and integration of alternative technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrency is necessary to prevent scams and frauds.


Theme - 3

The COVID 19 has disrupted studies worldwide. Most of the universities have had to shut down teaching and sessions have been shifted. Students have been facing uncertainties in their continuation of studies and psychological problems are mounting. In some underdeveloped countries, internet access is inaccessible in remote communities and hence the possibility of online studies is faint. ‘Education’ is one of our most essential themes for ‘QuantumHack’ as we must be well prepared to continue learning and teaching when the next disaster occurs.


Theme - 4

Health services have been greatly challenged by the recent crisis. Countries with some of the most advanced health services in the world have been stretched beyond their capacity and are unable to cope with increasing problems. Health is one of the most important areas that needs major improvement if we are to prepare for similar crises in the future. That is why ‘Health’ is one of the most exciting themes for ‘QuantumHack’.


Theme - 5

‘Entertainment’ is an attractive segment for every hackathon. QuantumHack allows our participants to get creative in building entertainment applications like games and immersive technologies (AR, VR) applications. The entertainment industry is changing with the rise of immersive technologies and we want our participants to get aboard early and learn from the best


Theme - 6

The open segment of QuantumHack allows our participants to develop any technologies or software that can combat challenges in our community and the world. This is the segment that is not confined to a specific problem domain.

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August 28, 2020



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